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Pre-Submission Exchange

The "pre-submission exchange" will allow scholars to receive 2 rounds of limited feedback from members of the editorial board of FPA. The goal of this feedback is to help the scholars prepare their manuscript for submission to FPA. These manuscripts will still undergo the regular review process and the "pre-submission exchange" does not guarantee that a submission will be accepted for publication. The managing editor and editor in chiefs will do their best to pair manuscripts with editorial board members with the most relevant expertise for that submission.

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On Rising Nationalisms: The European Case

Juan Pablo Escobar Lopera (Semillero GRIS – Universidad EAFIT, Medellín).
Just some days ago, we witnessed how the MP’s in Britain voted against a no-deal Brexit, putting in some trouble Theresa May’s government. The UK has faced many hardships before the vote held in 2016 to leave or remain in the EU. We can still see how they have not abandoned the idea of leaving. This is curious considering how this situation has given the UK headaches such as industries threatening with leaving the country, like Nissan, who just announced the end of the production of two luxury vehicles in the UK, prompting the moving of more car production out of the UK (Riley, 2019). Joining Nissan, we can also find Toyota, Honda and even powerhouses like Jaguar-Land Rover, which have announced going out of the business by closing factories, transfer of production and cuts in preparation for Brexit. This is just the view of the automotive industry, but this can be seen across different productive areas in the UK, and we haven’t even talked about the geopolitical problems that the UK faces with Brexit, like the situation in the Irish border, which remains a complex topic that needs to be solved in preparation for Brexit.

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Call for Papers - VI Congreso RedIntercol

La Red Colombiana de Relaciones Internacionales (RedIntercol) y la División de Derecho, Ciencia Política y Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad del Norte invitan a presentar propuestas de ponencias y paneles para el VI Congreso de RedIntercol, titulado “Una Década de Grandes Transformaciones Globales: Lecturas desde América Latina”, que se celebrará entre el 2 y el 4 de octubre de 2019, en Barranquilla, Colombia.

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