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The WISC's 6th Global International Studies Conference Destacado

The WISC's 6th Global International Studies Conference The WISC's 6th Global International Studies Conference

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  • Lugar: Buenos Aires _ Universidad Católica de Argentina


Message for WISC 2020 participants regarding COVID-19

Dear participants of the 6th WISC Global International Studies Conference,

As everybody else around the world, we closely follow the unfolding of the coronavirus pandemic. We recognize that health experts emphasize the novelty and gravity of this pandemic and that nobody can tell at this stage how the virus will develop in the coming weeks and months. However, the cancellation of major scholarly events around the world, such as ISA in Hawaii, and new developments in Argentina and Buenos Aires indicate that we have to be alert about possible changes and that we have to act in a responsible and timely fashion.

At this point in time preparations for the conference in Buenos Aires from 15-17 July 2020 continue according to plan. However, we have taken a number of decisions that we would like to share with you.

1. We are developing plans to flexibly respond to the evolving situation. At this point in time this essentially boils down to three options: (a) to hold the conference as planned; (b) to hold the conference at least in part through a virtual platform for those participants outside Argentina and neighboring countries who prefer not to travel to Buenos Aires; (c) to postpone the conference to a later date.

2. We have decided to temporarily suspend any new registrations until April 15th. If we feel at that point that we can continue with preparations for the conference in Buenos Aires we will extend the period of early bird registration until May 15th.

3. We are setting up a reimbursement mechanism that will allow registered participants who would like to withdraw from the conference to get their registration fee back in full. This mechanism should be ready within a week, i.e. Friday, 20 March 2020.

If you share our assessment we would encourage you to wait before you reach final decisions for yourself. We promise that we will proceed cautiously and responsibly and that we will keep you updated. We also guarantee that you will get your registration fee back in full if you decide to cancel at any point.


Gunther Hellmann
President, WISC
Roberto Dominguez
Executive Secretary, WISC

Ariel Sebastian González
Conference Coordinating Committee
Melisa Deciancio
Conference Coordinating Committee

Arie Kacowicz
Program Committee

Andrea Oelsner
Program Committee

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